Great performers have great coaches.

Join over 4500 international business professionals who've supercharged their communication skills with an OutLoud coach.

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Speak with confidence!

So many brilliant, hard-working, and talented people lose out, because they can't communicate clearly and confidently

At OutLoud, we're a group of actors turned communication coaches. We've transformed some of the top leaders and founders at the biggest companies in the world into powerful presenters, empathetic listeners, and fearless leaders. Let us do the same for you.

Our programs come in 3 forms

A white haired, light-skinned woman in a white business jacket speaks into her laptop, gesturing with her hands.

1:1 Coaching

Virtual or In-person | Weekly | 1 person or groups of 2-3 (like founding teams)

For those who want to go from “good” to “great” communicators, or even those who may not have the confidence to call themselves “good” yet. An OutLoud coach will meet with you every week to teach you the skills and habits of great communicators, support you with any upcoming pitches, presentations or difficult conversations, and keep you accountable for doing the homework we’ll give you.

The back of a dark haired, light-skinned man speaking to a diverse group of people who watch attentively.

Group Courses

Virtual or In-person | Weekly/Bi-weekly | 5-10 people

If your department is struggling with communicating either internally, across departments or to clients and stakeholders, an OutLoud 3-month course will right the ship and teach everyone how to overcome their own personal barriers to communicating clearly and confidently.

A dark haired, light-skinned man wearing a business jacket speaks with conviction in front of a presentation slide.

Single Workshops & Webinars

Virtual or In-person | 10-250 people

Need to WOW your audience with an exciting & interactive workshop full of valuable takeaways at your next event? OutLoud has created memorable moments for over 40 event companies, including a keynote at Remax Euro 2022.

A headshot of a light-skinned man wearing a business suit and smiling.

If you're looking to improve your presentation, storytelling and audience  engagement skills then look no further! This has been a great value in my day to day work.

David Everingham, Chief Technical Officer, Ericsson Canada
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A light-skinned man wearing glasses holding an illuminated lightbulb.

Will Greenblatt is the best pitch coach in Canada. We try to book him and his company OutLoud Speakers School to speak to every cohort.

Jordan Jocius, Managing Director, Founder Institute (Waterloo)
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A light-skinned woman with medium length blonde hair. She is wearing a pink bowtie and glasses and smiling slightly.

People love, love, loved this workshop! What OutLoud does is so needed in government. I plan to book them again and bring these lessons to as many departments as I can!

Suzanna Ersoy, Director, Sustainable Development Goals, ESDC (Gov’t of Canada)
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A light-skinned man with short brown hair.

I loved the training... very informative and useful. It gives (us) a professional tool kit for meetings, presentations, or key conversations with stakeholders. I'm excited to see the team put the theory into action!

Jamie Durkin, Head of Talent, Boston Dynamics
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A light-skinned woman with long brown hair smiling while resting her head on her hands.

Will Greenblatt and his  rockstar team provides inclusive communication coaching for non-native English speakers... feedback has shown an immediate positive impact on participants' communication skills!

Rachel Garrity, Learning & Development, Wayfair
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The cover of the book Transform Your Speaking Skills, which shows a dark haired man with light skin speaking to a crowd of people.

Buy the book

“Transform Your Speaking Skills is a must-read for anyone looking to level up their public speaking." 

In this funny, fascinating and painfully honest book, Will Greenblatt — former child TV star, graduate of Canada’s National Theatre School, and CEO of OutLoud Speakers School — will show you how to unlock your highest potential through the power of storytelling.

Curious about OutLoud? Buy the book and see why it has a 5-star rating on Amazon!

Buy the book